You Go Michelle

While discussing Halloween costumes (yes, it’s early, but a gal has to plan ahead), three of us gals decided we should dress as Destiny’s Child since we have a weird obsession with Kelly Rowland. But who would get to be Beyonce, and who would be Michelle Williams?

Destiny’s child

That’s when we discovered Although it’s a little bit mean to Michelle Williams, it has a lot of laugh-out-loud funny posts. I’m sure Michelle doesn’t care about all this, but if she does – You Go Michelle! You’re amazing! Obviously you are talented as all get out because you were in a pop sensation girl band, you’ve got a gospel hit that lights up the day when it plays, and you have starred in Broadway musicals – no easy feat!

You Go Michelle! I will proudly dress like you — having to wear pants while the other two girls get to wear dresses — this Halloween. When Jesus says Yes, nobody can say no!



- Summer