Yikes! I’m having a baby. Can I have fun too?

I’m having a baby! Is this adulting?

Just last night, my great friend and fellow Gal came over for a visit, and we talked about being adults while still feeling like kids. Sure, we have our own bills and jobs – heck, she is even a Doctor — but it’s hard to believe that we are full fledged adults.

Now that I’m preggo, up the spout, with a bun in the oven, I am not sure how this will change me. I’m kind of glad that I still like to be silly and lazy despite having a job, side jobs, a house, a dog, a husband, and lots of bills. While it’s sometimes embarrassing to admit what I watch on TV, I like that I have a childish side that mostly enjoys Disney channel shows and other wholesome entertainment. Despite my family making fun of my ways, I like that I’m kind of messy and not that pulled together, I’m like that because my priorities are in having fun and rolling around on the floor with my dog or going on adventures with my husband, or working on passion projects.

I have seen so many blogs and Facebook posts in the past year or so from mothers testifying about how difficult it is to raise children. I know that it is a challenge and it changes your life completely. But a lot of those same posts have a negative vibe and a defensive feel, as if they are shouting to the reader that “YOU DON’T GET HOW HARD THIS IS. I AM A MOM AND I’M TOUGH AND LIFE IS HARD AND THIS SUCKS AND YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND.” It kind of scares me. Is that what is in store for me? Am I suddenly going to drive a giant SUV and wear only yoga outfits and revolve my whole life around not only that I have kids but the fact that I am tired and busy because I’m a mother? I hope to have a thriving business and I hope to still have fun in life!

Kids are a joy and I intend on reliving my childhood with my children. I’m so excited to play outside and be silly, singing and dancing around between naps and feedings and all the other things I have to do. I never heard my parents complain about me or my brothers when we were growing up (unless we were being really naughty of course) the way I’ve overheard parents speak of their children and lives lately. I really hope I can have the lightheartedness that my parents had around us.

Of course, I haven’t experienced motherhood yet, so all of my grand ideas might change as soon as this little guy or gal pops out!




- Summer