What We Love: June 5th


#1 : This week, my husband and I tried out a newcomer to the New Orleans dessert scene – Ice Cream 504. The owner of this shop creates his small batches of ice cream from scratch daily. You can taste the difference; these home-made ice creams remind me of summertime nights with my family. And they come up with a new unique flavor every month or so.

Ice Cream 504 is located at 2511 Jena Street in New Orleans, off of Freret Street. They also serve SnoBalls. Yum!

#2: I’ve been in love with Wes Anderson movies since high school. It’s part of why I wanted to go to film school. This Wes Anderson palettes tumblr blog is a feast for the eyes and sends my heart all aflutter again. Anderson puts a lot of thought into every shot of his film, with the mise en scene meticulously laid out. Check this page out to swoon if you love these films, or for color inspirations for any home or design project you have.

#3 : Since I got married this year, it’s sort of a natural progression that my husband and I are now thinking about home ownership. We aren’t actually ready to take that plunge (for financial and other reasons), but it sure is fun looking at houses and checking out new neighborhoods. It gets us out of our rut of going to the same neighborhood restaurants and places, too – now we go try out new places in the neighborhoods we are cruising.

- Summer