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I became an official gal way back in first grade when my family moved from Texas to New York and fate led me to meet my fellow gals. Silliness quickly ensued. I have the best childhood memories because of these friendships. And then there were the college years – running amuck in NYC and ending many nights all together in my Greenwich Village apartment. Coming of age at its finest.

I am a web designer/developer in New Orleans, Louisiana and created/coded/designed this here website. I love my husband, my family, and my dog Oskar – he is the cutest, sweetest, and funniest dog ever to bless this Earth!

When not working on websites, you can most likely find me either pining away wishing that I were back in New York with the other members of Gal Town, going to the movie theater with my husband so I can eat a tub of popcorn, or walking Oskar around the city.

Check me out on to see what else I am into or talk to me about collaborating on something fun.

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I have been a gal ever since I could remember. Noelle and I met at the age of 2 when our moms decided to become best friends (often confused for lovers). Although Noelle liked my dog more than me, she slowly but surely began to notice my existence and we quickly became the best of gal pals.

I am a clinical psychologist who has been in school for wayyy too long. For the final year of my doctoral program, I will be living and working in Orlando. I look forward to the lack of cold weather, but will miss my family, my boyfriend, and, of course, my gals. (Even though they will visit me on the regular. RIGHT, GALS?!?!)

When I’m not working my therapy magic, I enjoy dancing to 90’s hip hop, BBQing with my boyfriend, bingewatching movies, and running/biking around Brooklyn. I live a sober lifestyle (no booze or drugs), which is liberating/wonderful on some days and restrictive/boring on others. Either way, I am grateful for the spectacular group of gals that are always by my side, no matter what.

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Over a decade ago, I was fortuitously paired up with fellow gal Noelle as college roommates. She soon introduced me to the gals you find here on this site, and I am thankful for my friendships with each of them!

I am a children’s book publicist at a publishing house in New York City, where a good book to read is never more than an arm’s-length away. 

Books, to-do lists, sunsets, coffee, and traveling with my fiancé are a few of my favorite things. 

Thank you for visiting Gal-town!

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Hi Gals of the world… my name is Noelle.

As mentioned by Laura, we both became gals in 1989 when our brothers went to nursery school together and our moms hit it off. So when Taylor Swift tries to claim 1989 as ‘her year’, well to that I say, F Off.

My days are spent working at a commercial and film production company where I like to think of ways to get a certain Harborfields High School alum on TV. I was recently asked to take part in a music video and the day before received a text message saying  ‘ it was specifically asked that you not come to the shoot tomorrow’. So that’s how my life is going.

When I’m not being pop-culture obsessed and stalking members of Bravo (I’m realllllly good at that), I enjoy spending time with my lovely and loyal gals, traveling, sometimes working out, and hanging out with a plastic bloody hand. #BLESSED

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I met my first fellow Gal, Noelle, in fourth grade.  Both of us were “tall for our age” and were instantly drawn to each other as we towered over the rest of the class and bonded over our imaginary friend Spickle (ever since we have often been mistaken as twins and neither of us understand why, seriously, we look nothing alike).  In fifth grade, we had the opportunity to pick who we wanted to sit with at lunch rather than being forced to sit with the people in your class.  This is when I met the rest of the gang and felt I was a true Gal!  I will never forget when the Gals started a hilarious commotion with a simple slow clap that lead to an uproar of clapping from the entire lunch room, which made the supervisors panic.

I am currently a visual merchandising and display designer for a luxury brand based in New York.  When I am not at work playing with luxury products that I will never be able to afford, I enjoy boating and beach-going with my fiancé, wandering Manhattan’s endless offerings, a good happy hour with the gals, catching up with my sisters, trying new recipes, and daydreaming.

I am constantly looking forward to the next episode of Gal-Town, especially when we get to travel together!  When and where is our next adventure Gals!?

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