My “Beach Drives” Summer 2015 Playlist

The summer officially began a few days ago, but it has been blazing hot down here in the south for a while. So I’ve been both wishing for the weekend so I can go to the beach and planning dream vacations in my head while I get through each work day. Those dreams usually consist heavily of surfing in a clear blue ocean and driving in a convertible with the top down with my chicas, blasting beachy, happy, fun, summer-y tunes. Sort of like Britney Spears and friends in the great road trip flick Crossroads.

Anyway, here is my extra special, delightfully danceable Beach Drives playlist:


Feel free to crank these chunes (Chunes definition: Chill Tunes. Patent Pending. Invented by fellow gal Emily and her brother’s friends in high school) while you drive to the beach all summer long.

- Summer