Change is Frustrating

Change is frustrating.  I’ve known I’m not a huge fan of change – personally, professionally, or otherwise – but I never new I could react so poorly.  After some drastic adjustments were made to my workplace structure this past summer, I lashed out and resisted the change in a not so cute way.  And after going through emotional stages similar to grieving a loss – denial, anger, depression – I have come to find acceptance and keep these affirmations handy when feelings of frustration arise.

Move forward.  There is no sense harping on the past and “the way things were”.  Yes, you can learn from what you have done previously, but it is more productive to look forward to potential opportunities and successes.

Roll with the punches.  Learning to adapt is an amazing mental muscle to grow.  Look for the positive in all situations and make the best of the current state, things will always get better.

Act like a role model you would want to look up to.  Pretty self explanatory, but I have had some amazing gals as role models over the past couple of years.  I want to develop into someone else’s role model/mentor, inspiriting and coaching them to be a strong professional woman.

Smile.  This is not something that comes super naturally to me (people always ask me if I’m ok as my face has a natural “frown”).  But it is a great way to have other respond to you in a positive way therefore effecting your mood and outlook for the better.


These may be common-sense type of things, but when in a rut or a frustrating place these small, positive ideas have helped be get through (and hopefully succeed) in my new role.


What affirmations do you follow?  Or what gets you through hard times?

- Emma