5 Tips for Maternity Dressing

maternity outfits

Let me first say that I am thrilled to be pregnant. I know that may women and their significant others struggle with infertility and I am thankful that I have proven to be lucky enough to be able to get pregnant. My thoughts are with those under different circumstances. 

Dressing while pregnant can be a bit of a drag. I love clothes, and I wish I could still be wearing cute outfits that I see emailed to me daily from my favorite shops. Well, I guess it’s good that I’m not tempted to buy what they’re selling me and I can save some money. But anyway… Here is what I have learned about maternity outfits.

maternity outfit

Back when I could actually wear some of my normal clothes. I added a rubber band to my pants closure and a belly band over it.

1. Only Buy the Essentials

Shopping at maternity stores like Destination Maternity is quite expensive. I walked in wanting to get a bra that I can fit into and a couple of cute outfits. I left $220 deep with one pair of pants, a bra, a t-shirt, and a feeling of remorse. How am I supposed to buy enough outfits to last me the 6 remaining months, through winter, spring, and the start of a hot summer? How am I supposed to feel cute on the weekends and professional at work? I realized I probably didn’t need the t-shirt and went back and bought a pair of black pants that I could wear to work.

maternity outfit

This dress is from TJMaxx. It’s one of my favorite items in my maternity wardrobe.

2. Discount Shopping Is Always Best

Target and Old Navy both had great dresses that I’ve worn almost daily to the office. I have 4 dresses that were all under $20 from those stores. Some other places to try are Marshall’s, TJMaxx, and WalMart if you’re down with that.

maternity outfits

This is from Target. I’m actually not sure if it is maternity or not. I felt like i was stretching the fabric more than it wanted.

3. Belly-Hugging Is Actually Flattering

Usually you try to hide a bigger belly. But when you’re pregnant, trying to hide the ever-growing bump (once you’ve made all the announcements necessary to family and friends and Human Resources) might just make you look and feel frumpy. When wearing baggier clothes I catch myself, knowing how silly it is, wondering if people think I’ve gained a ton of weight or if they can tell I’m pregnant. I’ve learned to embrace these life-giving curves and let the bump shine!

maternity outfit

My own leather jacket, shoes, and necklace worked great with my new dress.

4. Use What You Already Have

If you’re a lucky lady who barely sports a bulge during most of her pregnancy, then this will be easier for you. For me, I could wear a lot of my clothes up until my third month. If you buy a belly band, which is pretty cheap, you can wear your own pants a lot longer. Before I got a belly band, I used a ponytail holder/rubber band to stretch out my jeans. You can also buy an extender for your bra clasps. What worked best for me, however, were flowy maxi dresses from my closet and oversized shirts. Most of my pregnancy allowed for me to wear a large white button-down and a cool oversized camo button-down with pants or tied over dresses. Those were the days I felt most pulled-together and I didn’t have to buy anything new.

maternity outfits

One of my borrowed shirts.

5. Borrow, Borrow, Borrow

Fortunately, I have a group of friends that consists of mamas and mamas-to-be and a sister-in-law with two kids. They were generous enough to loan me the maternity clothes that they weren’t using. The majority of my wardrobe came from their generosity. My sister-in-law loaned me three dresses from ASOS – they have an awesome maternity section – in the same style but different colors that I wore the heck out of. And my sweet friend Amy emptied her whole closet basically to let me borrow her clothes. I don’t know what I would do without those items that have become my pregnancy staples. Thank you ladies!

If you are the first of your friends and family to be preggo, or your friends are currently using their own maternity clothes, you can also get second-hand clothes from your local thrift shop. And if you find a social gathering with mothers your age, you might make a new friend who would be generous enough to let you borrow.


I hope you can continue to feel cute and confident as your body changes. Happy Pregnancy!

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My Thoughts on Hypnobirthing – Part I

Visualizing my happy baby

After reading multiple pregnancy and labor books, I realized that I should probably take some sort of birthing class. It seems that the birthing classes fall into three categories – Lamaze, Bradley Method, and Hypnobirthing. Most people I ask have never heard of Bradley Method or Hypnobirthing. A pregnancy book I borrowed that was published 10 or more years ago doesn’t even mention Hypnobirthing as an option. It sounded hippy-dippy and I wanted to know more.

There really isn’t too much information online about Hypnobirthing and what exactly you learn in the classes. I still thought it sounded great, and I’m pretty sure it’s what Giselle Bundchen used for her labor — if you’ve ever watched the documentary “The Business of Being Born” and its related short series, you’ve seen her describe her birth as pain-free and “like riding a wave in the ocean.” It seems far-fetched, but I thought I could open my mind and learn some great coping tactics for labor and delivery.

My husband and I have now completed four out of our six two-and-a-half hour classes in Hypnobirthing. The jury is still out about whether I like it or not. I know my husband is not into it. In fact, we find ourselves giggling uncontrollably during class. I thought we would learn more factual information and details about what labor would be like, with distinct instructions for what to do and when. Instead, we mostly do meditation and visualization, going to our “happy place” for most of each class. I felt like a dummy in the first class when everyone took turns describing what they had seen with their eyes closed listening to the instructor’s soothing description of a bowl filled with lemons; I saw nothing. I really want to be able to achieve a hypnotic state like we are practicing. I’m just not sure if it is possible for me.

I am practicing the deep breathing exercises and I truly believe that going into birth with no fear and finding ways to calm my mind and body will really make labor easier. I totally understand all of the methodology behind hypnobirthing. For instance, in the Hypnobirthing book I read about the body’s sympathetic and para-sympathetic reactions to stress. In labor, if we tense up, our body will stop doing what it needs to do since the uterus is not a body part that the body sees as necessary to survival. But the contractions are needed to push the baby down into the birth canal, and your body needs to continue that function in order for things to progress. There is more to it of course, but that is the gist that I picked up. Hopefully I can learn to shut the logical part of my mind off a bit more and allow my imagination to take me to my happy place when the time comes. I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes!


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Yikes! I’m having a baby. Can I have fun too?

Pregnant, 2nd Trimester

I’m having a baby! Is this adulting?

Just last night, my great friend and fellow Gal came over for a visit, and we talked about being adults while still feeling like kids. Sure, we have our own bills and jobs – heck, she is even a Doctor — but it’s hard to believe that we are full fledged adults.

Now that I’m preggo, up the spout, with a bun in the oven, I am not sure how this will change me. I’m kind of glad that I still like to be silly and lazy despite having a job, side jobs, a house, a dog, a husband, and lots of bills. While it’s sometimes embarrassing to admit what I watch on TV, I like that I have a childish side that mostly enjoys Disney channel shows and other wholesome entertainment. Despite my family making fun of my ways, I like that I’m kind of messy and not that pulled together, I’m like that because my priorities are in having fun and rolling around on the floor with my dog or going on adventures with my husband, or working on passion projects.

I have seen so many blogs and Facebook posts in the past year or so from mothers testifying about how difficult it is to raise children. I know that it is a challenge and it changes your life completely. But a lot of those same posts have a negative vibe and a defensive feel, as if they are shouting to the reader that “YOU DON’T GET HOW HARD THIS IS. I AM A MOM AND I’M TOUGH AND LIFE IS HARD AND THIS SUCKS AND YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND.” It kind of scares me. Is that what is in store for me? Am I suddenly going to drive a giant SUV and wear only yoga outfits and revolve my whole life around not only that I have kids but the fact that I am tired and busy because I’m a mother? I hope to have a thriving business and I hope to still have fun in life!

Kids are a joy and I intend on reliving my childhood with my children. I’m so excited to play outside and be silly, singing and dancing around between naps and feedings and all the other things I have to do. I never heard my parents complain about me or my brothers when we were growing up (unless we were being really naughty of course) the way I’ve overheard parents speak of their children and lives lately. I really hope I can have the lightheartedness that my parents had around us.

Of course, I haven’t experienced motherhood yet, so all of my grand ideas might change as soon as this little guy or gal pops out!




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My “Beach Drives” Summer 2015 Playlist

The summer officially began a few days ago, but it has been blazing hot down here in the south for a while. So I’ve been both wishing for the weekend so I can go to the beach and planning dream vacations in my head while I get through each work day. Those dreams usually consist heavily of surfing in a clear blue ocean and driving in a convertible with the top down with my chicas, blasting beachy, happy, fun, summer-y tunes. Sort of like Britney Spears and friends in the great road trip flick Crossroads.

Anyway, here is my extra special, delightfully danceable Beach Drives playlist:


Feel free to crank these chunes (Chunes definition: Chill Tunes. Patent Pending. Invented by fellow gal Emily and her brother’s friends in high school) while you drive to the beach all summer long.

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Bachelorette Party – Teenage Dirtbags

Because don’t we all have a little teenage dirtbag in us?

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Bachelorette Party – Burlesque 1

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You Go Michelle

While discussing Halloween costumes (yes, it’s early, but a gal has to plan ahead), three of us gals decided we should dress as Destiny’s Child since we have a weird obsession with Kelly Rowland. But who would get to be Beyonce, and who would be Michelle Williams?

Destiny’s child

That’s when we discovered poorMichelle.com. Although it’s a little bit mean to Michelle Williams, it has a lot of laugh-out-loud funny posts. I’m sure Michelle doesn’t care about all this, but if she does – You Go Michelle! You’re amazing! Obviously you are talented as all get out because you were in a pop sensation girl band, you’ve got a gospel hit that lights up the day when it plays, and you have starred in Broadway musicals – no easy feat!

You Go Michelle! I will proudly dress like you — having to wear pants while the other two girls get to wear dresses — this Halloween. When Jesus says Yes, nobody can say no!



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A Proud Vine Moment: Remake of Bound2 by Kim & Kanye West

This was the only Vine I ever made that looped perfectly. I’m proud like a lion.

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What We Love: June 5th


#1 : This week, my husband and I tried out a newcomer to the New Orleans dessert scene – Ice Cream 504. The owner of this shop creates his small batches of ice cream from scratch daily. You can taste the difference; these home-made ice creams remind me of summertime nights with my family. And they come up with a new unique flavor every month or so.

Ice Cream 504 is located at 2511 Jena Street in New Orleans, off of Freret Street. They also serve SnoBalls. Yum!

#2: I’ve been in love with Wes Anderson movies since high school. It’s part of why I wanted to go to film school. This Wes Anderson palettes tumblr blog is a feast for the eyes and sends my heart all aflutter again. Anderson puts a lot of thought into every shot of his film, with the mise en scene meticulously laid out. Check this page out to swoon if you love these films, or for color inspirations for any home or design project you have.

#3 : Since I got married this year, it’s sort of a natural progression that my husband and I are now thinking about home ownership. We aren’t actually ready to take that plunge (for financial and other reasons), but it sure is fun looking at houses and checking out new neighborhoods. It gets us out of our rut of going to the same neighborhood restaurants and places, too – now we go try out new places in the neighborhoods we are cruising.

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Man Speedos


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